How MagicPrefs and a Mac OS X security update are messing up your keychain access usability

I was actually facing some strange issues: Using Mac OS X keychain access app and SSL/TLS client certificates (and other authentication items in keychain) in Chrome or Safari did not work. I saw the „allow“ or „always allow“ buttons; I could klick on them, but nothing happened. It was very strange. It was that strange that I did reset my login keychain – without any impact.

And also Google did not help – unless I stumbled today on a discussion at the Apple forums. There is a reference to a security update from Apple, which includes this change/fix:

Available for: OS X El Capitan 10.11
Impact: A malicious application can programmatically control keychain access prompts
Description: A method existed for applications to create synthetic clicks on keychain prompts. This was addressed by disabling synthetic clicks for keychain access windows.

Which practically means that any tool that interferes with the input devices is not allowed to grant keychain access rights. So does MagicPrefs.

What a painful thingy – I was almost resetting my whole system from scratch (like the private and business MacBook Pro).

After all – it’s good to query such issues over and over again.

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