OpenWRT + OpenWISP + Prometheus = <3

I’ve had a App and Cloud Managed Wifi solution in place. But I was never very pleased with depending on an external cloud, with all the data privacy and security conserns in mind.

Before I used several TP-Link Access Points with OpenWRT, but managing them manually wasn’t very pleasing.

I stumbled quite some time ago over OpenWISP which has quite some extensive feature list, including the ability to manage OpenWRT Access Points.
It can be deployed via docker (see and it has it’s own OpenWRT module (see Documentation).

This works like charm and reduces the efforts of maintaining SSIDs, passwords etc. down to maintaining templates which are applied to each node automatically.

One thing is missing in the docker setup: the OpenWISP monitoring system.

So I went ahead an search of a Prometheus base solution, since there is already a OpenWRT Prometheus integration available as OpenWRT modules, see Example how to set this up.

I am now very pleased with the setup and the options I have now.

And since the setup is straight forward following the documentations, I just can recommend this.